Success story Aaradhana Kahar 🌟

Success story Aaradhana Kahar

Udaan brought change to Aaradhana

Aradhana Kahar is a girl studying at Patkhauli Udaan Center. She is 11 years old. Her father and mother work as wage laborers in India. She has been living with her grandparents. She has nine family members including three sisters and a brother. Aradhana has been living in Nepal to take care of her grandmother. But her sisters and brothers live in India with their parents. She lives in Omastiya 5 Patkhauli Rupandehi. Aradhana, who has been aiming to take care of her grandmother from an early age, she has not gone to school as a formal education till now. Due to lack of proper educational environment in the family, she was not able to go to school.

Under the UDAAN III program implemented in partnership with CARE Nepal and BES Nepal, girls who did not go to school in Aaradhana’s neighborhood or did not complete primary education even after going to school were admitted to the Udaan center to study in the Udaan class of Patkhauli Udaan Center. At first, she was reluctant to be admitted to the Udaan center because of her lack of reading ability. Finally, her grandmother admitted her to the Udaan center. When she started coming to the Udaan center regularly, she started feeling very comfortable. With the help of her friends and udaan teacher, she is now very interested in her studies. She has been able to add, subtract, multiply in Mathematics and read words and compose sentences in Nepali subject. Aradhana, who is an active participant in every activity conducted at the Udaan center, asks her friends and Udaan teachers what she does not understand. She is becoming more disciplined and diligent in her studies. Udaan teacher Saraswati Chaudhary is happy to see the change in Aradhana even though she has to be taught from the basic stage of teaching. Although, she did not get a proper home study environment at the age of school enrollment, she is now determined to pursue higher education.

Since the opening of the Udaan center, her presence has been regular every day since the opening of the center. There has been a change in the personal behavior of Aradhana by being responsible in her work which can clearly explain the subjects taught in time. Looking at her interest in studies, it is clear that in the days to come, she will further hone her skills, to which the Udaan project has made an invaluable contribution.  Aaradhana’s grandmother says happily, “Ab to hamar bitiya bhi padhke badha mania bani”.

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