Creation of civilized,self-dependent and equitable society is our moto.


Who We Are

                                   BES-Nepal in brief:

Due to distant from the district headquarter limited Government resources were reached to the Bakamalang VDC(Nisdi-1) of Palpa district . In the other hand, economic as well as educational status of the people was also poor. Though, some youths of the VDC were enthusiastic to engage in development activities. At the meantime, BES was established in 1992 aiming to support children for their education. BES has registered in District Administration Office Palpa (Reg. No. 43) and affiliated to SWC(A.N. 1157) as non-political, non-religious, membership and community based development organization.

BES-Nepal is operating as per its third five years’ strategic plan (2016-2020). It is affiliated on more than nine National networks and well known as child right promoter organization. It is establishing as a model on organizational development with mobilizing the members and it has its own identity in the sector of self -governance, inclusiveness, volunteerism, social harmony, and Social justice as the protector of human right.

BES Nepal has long experience on social mobilization working on education, health and nutrition sector in Palpa and neighboring districts. It has been practiced time movement, book reading habit and positive thinking and acting culture. In the other hand there are experienced, efficient and highly accountable human resources towards the targeted sectors and the communities are actively working with the organization.

What We Do

— Our Vision

Creation of civilized, self-dependent and equitable society.

— Our Mission

• Facilitate on meaningful participation and dignity life of community people.

• Support on identification of local resources, mobilization and its management.

 Sustainable development of the organization.

— Our Goals

• Work to maintain quality of all community programs and make them sustainable. 

• Support to end all types of discrimination and establish social harmony and peace

• Support for establishing equal opportunity to all class, tribe for their easier life style. 

we work for

— Childrens

  • ECD,
  • Primary Education,
  • Health and Nutrition,
  • Child Protection,
  • CFLG

— Womens

  • Safe Motherhood,
  • Social Security,
  • Skill Development
  • advocacy of rights

— Youths

  • Skill Development,
  • Awareness upon drugs,
  •   Self Employment,
  • Youth Forum
  • advocacy on rights.

Impact Stories


It has been more than a year since the literacy program was implemented at Kalika Basic School, Bagnaskali-9, Chappani, Palpa under the financial support of Room to Read and the technical support of Padhnako Lagi Kotha and the management by BES Nepal. Due to the fear of COVID-19 and prolonged lockdown, regular reading was stopped when the school was closed. In an effort to reach out to students in an alternative way, even if the work under the Literacy Program is affected. Regular phone contact with parents, headmaster and language teacher, Regular phone calls were made to facilitate learning.


Nira Chaudhary was 8 month pregnant while starting tele counselling during lock down due to COVID-19 Pandemic.  Now, she has 4 month baby girl together with the husband. SP II CNV (Tara Kuamri Bohara) took dietary history, frequency and dose of IFA. Then, Nira Chaudhary said that has not consumed diversified food(four group food), additional diet and regular IFA. In the same way, tele counselling had focused on the importance of IFA so that it should take regular for maternal and child health along with the value of diversified and  additional food in 1000 days. She also told institutional delivery compulsory and  need to support of the husband in this situation.