Charity Tours

Charity Tours (School support) Program

SC charity Tours program was launched in Nawaparasi district from 2014. This program was at first launched in Laxmi LSS Naram VDC, Laphe Gaun as the first phase of program then, in Udaya LSS Jaubari, Lungelithar Gaun now, only one school in Jaubari VDC of Nawalparasi district situated in hilly area of the district. The program enhances (Quality Learning Environment) learners’ physical safety, learners’ psychological and emotional well being, effective teaching and community participation. It has been implemented with the partnership of Save the Children Australia. It has been implemented aiming to construct two classrooms, renovate six classrooms, manage of five classrooms, build a wall gabion, and manage corner library and to support learning materials as well as catch up class and ATL training to primary level teachers by strengthening infrastructure and capacity of teachers.

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Children learn and develop to their full potential.

• Improve the physical infrastructure of school for children and teachers
• Improve teaching learning environment in the classroom
• Create enabling teaching learning
environment in school

Outcomes of Program:
Forty four students were involved in catch up which supports for the final examination of students. Similarly, ATL and CAS training was accomplished to primary level teachers so that they are supposed to prepare learning materials and and implement in the school. Construction committee has been formed to construct the building. They are working for it. Reformed child club conducts the school program themselves to whom orientation has been accomplished.

Further, monitoring of the program is regularly conducted by PNGO and SC staffs. Monitoring is done to ensure the compliances according to the demand of program to support the school and community people technically.

Implementation modalities and approaches
• Inclusion :
1) Implement of policy for Inclusion in organization.
2) Make inclusive in staff & board structure.
3) Insure inclusion in beneficiaries of our program

• Mainstreaming issues/areas :
2) Disability
3) Child participation Child protection

• Collaboration and partnership :
1) Support to school improving plan collaboration with district education office to enhance child facilitative environment in school.
2) Develop mechanism of jointly planning/monitoring/Reviewing between civil society and VDCs/DEO and other concerning line agencies.
3) Organize Joint activities with VDCs, DEO & other stakeholders in community to district level.

Major activities:
Child Club reformation and capacity building
Formation of school construction committee
Orientation to school construction committee
Formation of TEC
Catch up Class
ATL/CAS Training
Class room Management
Toilet Construction .Support
Drinking Water Cons. Support
Teaching Materials Support(ATL)
ATL and CAS training to primary level teachers
Enrolment campaign for Hardcore Children
Catch up class