Internal programs of BES-Nepal

This program is designed for being self dependent and self reliant in future. Bes Nepal has initiated for fund raising program from Friends of BES. It has mission of increasing its friends for financial support for child education and ensuring rights for child education. Till date we have 250 friends who support us for child education and ensuring it as our common responsibility. This program is being continued from the interest of its principle. The scholarship of Rs 1000 is being supported for poor and marginalized children who are studying up to class 5. This support represents the unity for child education. In this year, 10 children’s from Buddhi Bikash Primary school, Bakamalang-7, got financial support of 1000 rupees fund as 3rd year scholarship.

Likewise, Okeybaje, a Japanese citizen has being provided educational materials to representative schools for 9 children’s which is equal to 1000. BES has been advocating and awaring people for children rights and children’s education in coordination with government and non government organization of district.