LifeLine of BES

Life History of BES-Nepal

Date /Months and days

Major Events

2049 Bhadra Discussion to form organization.
2049 Aswin 16 Establish organization.
2049 Paush Reformation of board members because of the passiveness of the organization.
2050 Baisakh 28 Registered in DAO Palpa and affiliated in SWC. First election held in the organization to select board members in October. Exhibited organizational activities in Hatemalo Balmela keeping a stall.
2051 Magh 15 Membership taken for NGO Federation ( First organization in Palpa to receive the membership of NGO Federation)
2051 Conducted Drinking water conservation program with the financial support of UNDP. Sewa publication.
2051 to 2053 Created humiliation with in members and no regular meeting of them.
2054 Aswin 11 Name and constitution of organization of organization changed by general assembly. VMGO made. Established BES cooperatives. Launched National Voluntary Program with the partnership of “Samuhik Aviyan”. BES selected as focal organization in local level.
2055 Three members participated in the training organized by “Samuhik Aviyan”. Published Sungava Child Literature Newspaper. Immediate chairperson participated in 12 days leadership training organized by Save the Children (Red Barna).
2056 Mansir 4 Inaugurated International Child Rights Day by State minister Kamala Panta.
2057 Building constructed in Bakamalang, Palpa
2058 Rampur Declaration issued on child rights.
2059 Partnership started with HI Nepal to launch Handicap Rehabilitation program.
2060 Project started in Nawalparasi. Mess conducted in organization. Program expanded in Palpa. Systematic program launched keeping program co-ordinator.
2061 BES Rampur office established in Rampur. Peace building program conducted with the partnership of UNDP. Land received by Rampur VDC. Office was locked for 6 months by immediate revolutionary groups.
2062 BES Rampur office constructed in Rampur.
2063 Practiced Joint Movement for Children.
2064 Established Joint Movement for Children. Network among three organizations. Senior program co-ordinator was transferred to JMC as a program manager. Former chair person, Shalikram Pandey of BES rewarded by Education Ministry.
2065 Exposure visit by members and training in VDRC Gaidakot. Program launched in Southern part of Nawalparasi. Partnership started with Room to Read.
2066 Nawalparasi Field Office established.
2067 SOAP Analysis, Prepared organizational strategic plan, policies prepared and implementation and organizational exposure visit. Culture promotion started. Partnership phase out with HI.
2068 Fixed organizational brand color, website made, constitution and policies revised. JD prepared for board members. Organizational culture promote systematically. FOB movement practiced. LEEYC program conducted in Nawalparasi.
2069 Program launched in third district at first. New experience was also taken with the partnership of different organizations. Three major programs were handled in a same year. The number of staffs reached more than 70. Organization was awarded for the development and promotion of organizational culture. Human Resource management Committee was formed so that whole staffs were recruited by that committee.
2070 Organizational SWOT. Organizational identity and its reputation were increased due to the implementation of Suaahara Program covering whole district in Nawalparasi. Due to programmatic and financial monitoring, there were so many lessons learned for the development of the organization. A vehicle was purchased by the organization which enabled to raise the organizational fund.
2071 Many programs were phased out conducted by the partnership of Save the Children. Resources were minimized. Many experience staffs were also phased out with the program. A new inclusive board was formed. Annual report was started to publish instead of Sewa.
2072 BES was selected to launch Suaahara program in Palpa. Project head office was established in Tansen Palpa. Organizational presence in Palpa was increased. Regular board meeting with review.