FOB Movement

“Unite for Children”

A concept of Friends of BES (FOB)

Why does this concept require?
Governmental, non governmental agencies and civil society are overwhelmingly oriented to catch up the objectives of fetching children to school according to the goal of EFA-2015. As a result, 95% primary school aged children are enrolled in school. These data shows still a large number of children are out of school. The dropout rate of children also very crucial issue. BES has been playing a vital role to ensure the education right of the children since 2000.

As we know, every success comes with the great effort or unity is strength. If we give great emphasis on specific area it will certainly reach its top. BES have tried to connect corporate sector’s responsibility in this context. Our small effort on helping the needy children can be valuable and precious to their life. . Not only depending on foreign aid, we can contribute to bring the positive changes in the lives of children locally. Thus, BES have prepared a concept of ” Friends of BES” to create a forum of helping hands/minds to work with/for children. Everybody can join in this campaign from inside or outside the country . Generally, it is known that we can’t reach to every child but how far we can reach that will surely be an appreciable and meaningful to those individual children. We do not have aim to reach in all children but how much we can, we will reach through this campaign. “Say yes for Children”is our motto.