Whom do we work for

BES-Nepal works for securing child rights as well as for their development and rights of equity. Specially to assure their educational rights, BES-Nepal works for the promotion of early childhood development centers, advocate for the excess of children’s towards quality education, capacity development as well as infrastructure development. Also it works on maternity health as well as nutritional issues so as to ensure every child living rights. BES-Nepal is also working effectively towards making government efforts fruitful in those sectors. Also to secure child’s living rights, BES-Nepal is working effectively in coordination with the government bodies to develop child friendly environment in schools, families, society as well as advocates for making schools as a zone of peace and works towards anti child marriages.

BES-Nepal also centralizes its efforts towards ensuring youth rights as well as in their skill development areas. In an environment where there is so much insecurity everywhere in the country, a situation where the whole country is in transitional phase, where the youths are compelled to leave country for the labor markets in Arab or West, BES-Nepal advocates towards creating employment environment for the youths in the country itself, towards engaging youths in peace and development process of the country in both local as well as national level. Also works for the leadership and skill development of the

Not only this, BES-Nepal also works for the under privileged societies with various programs which enhances their leadership and skill developments. Programs which facilitates them to get rid of their poor financial and social status, programs such as organizational development and various other programs which tells them ways of income generation as well as about empowering themselves. For ensuring their participation in every program, the organization has taken a policy of gender and social inclusion as well. Also for women rights, the organization works and advocates for girl child friendly environment in schools, society and also  promotes equity policy in education, control of child marriages as well as house hold violence’s.

BES-Nepal is a civil society. It’s a prime responsibility of civil society to aware government as well as to work for the deprived section of the society. The target groups mentioned above (disadvantaged groups) are totally deprived groups and it’s very important that they must know their rights; they must be able to speak for themselves. It is very important to give safe environment and quality education to the children’s. To bring those marginalized groups in the main stream of country’s development is very important. Thus, BES-Nepal with its effort is trying to address their issues as their voice.